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Roaming not working in Germany

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I hope something can be resolved, I’m posting here because all other avenues have been exhausted.


I have a Vodafone account and have 3 other phones connected to my account, my wifes and my kids. We keep it this way for ease rather than each of us setting up different accounts it was just simpler to have them all linked to one account. So in total 4 phones connected to my main account.


The unresolved Problem:

My son is currently in Germany (im UK btw) and will be there for over a month, simple enough, so 3 days before he left for Germany I paid (via the Vodafone app) the £17 roaming cost for 15 days on his phone and expected that to kick in when he got to Germany however it didn’t and whilst he can text and call (albeit very sporadically) his data isn’t working plus every text he sends it says he will get extra charges.

His phone has roaming switched on and it says hes connected to a german network 5g etc but was still unable to use data.

I visited my local Vodafone store as I thought they might have access to more settings on my account and a member of staff went through my account and said yes it all looks fine it should be working, apologised they couldn’t do any more and advised I ring Vodafone tech support.

Got home and rang Vodafone tech and was on the line with a lady who confirmed everything on my account was fine and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working so had to elevate my issue to a higher up tech dept who also couldn’t solve it. They went through everything from sending him texts to follow instructions on how to sort it which he did and still it doesn’t work. The tech guy even did a hard reset on his phone and could see on his screen the phone was in Germany but……no joy. At one point I had my wife talking to my son on another line whilst we had the Vodafone tech guy on my phone but…..nope.

Two and a half hours later and the tech guy had run out of ideas (I could tell he wanted me off the phone) He wasn’t rude as such but the line suddenly got very crackly and poor quality and it got to the stage where we were both saying the “hello, can you hear me hello….yes I can hear you…hello…hello”

Line kept cutting off with very broken comms and the tech guy just kept repeating tell him to wait 24 hours and it’ll work. Eventually the line went completely dead.

24 hours later and here I am, My sons data still isn’t working and nobody can help.

It’s getting to the point where I am becoming quite aggrieved by the whole situation. My son is in the armed forces currently on exercise and desperately needs his whatsapp to work as his regiment are in a whatsapp group and lots of information is posted on that which my son cannot access and if his trooper colleagues are not around to ask he is left in the dark. Plus my wife and I would also like to be able to contact him and to top it off I’ve paid for a service which doesn’t work and feel like I have now been “fobbed off”

So the phone in question is a Samsung Galaxy S23 and all the settings on it are set up correctly for roaming, my son knows his techy stuff and has been through his entire phone trying to solve it at his end to no avail.

I am very sorry for such a long post but Im lost.

Where do I go from here? I really hope somebody can help us.





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Mark808303 - thanks for taking your time to explain what's happening with your sons phone. I can understand how important it is for him to have a connection while away. It sounds like his number has been checked from our side, although I'd still like us to double check this. Please get in touch with us through Social Media