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Sim card with upgrade?

2: Seeker

Hi, I've just upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S8 to an S21. This might be a bit of a noobish question, but was I supposed to receive a new sim card with it? My old sim fits so I'm wondering if they'd know this and not bother? My worry is that I noticed after opening the outer box it was delivered in, that the security seal on the bottom was damaged (annoyingly I'm not sure if I did that myself while opening it) so I'm not sure if it's somehow gone missing in transit (although I'm not sure if that would even matter).

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17: Community Champion

The changes are done on your account so you can still use your original sim card @Dan_B 

You'd only need a Blank sim card if your new phone took another sized sim card, which yours does not or yours was glitching.

The security seal should have been intact.

What was it all like inside the box ?

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Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb.


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Samsung Z Fold³ 256gb.

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2: Seeker

It all looked fine inside. The security seals on the actual phone box were unbroken and everything else was present and correct. The little pouch where a new sim would apparently be was also unbroken which I guess would suggest nothing was put in there. If new sim cards are blank, though, then I'm guessing I have nothing to worry about one way or the other (ie. there's nothing on the new sim card linked to my account that anyone could access).

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14: Advanced member

The Samsung S21 has an eSIM built in so if you didn't want to use your old SIM, switch to eSIM. You can do this from within your online account.

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