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Spotify Premium Entertainment Package unable to Activate! (With "Oh dear..." error message...)

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2: Seeker

So I have been a customer with Vodafone for well over 10 years and my patience is really starting to be tested.


Having renewed my contract for 24 Months with Vodafone I opted for the Entertainment pack and in doing so wished to resubscribe to Spotify as I have always done (my previous Premium subscription ended on Monday).


Upon everything arriving and sorting the basics out, I go to resubscribe to the service excitedly as I have always done (music is a bit of a lifeblood for me). There are no cookies or data currently on either Samsung or Chrome browsers, so when I click to activate Spotify I am met with the error message "Oh dear (!)

We'll take you back to the home page".


Having chased my tail like a dog to troubleshoot the usual online guide steps it still does not change me getting this message.


I then talk to chat this morning who chased the same tail as myself. Subsequently speaking to tech they tell me to uninstall Spotify completely and that this would be sorted within half hour where they would send me a link... they never did. Either way they tell me to activate this and download Spotify on mobile data. The same mobile data and phone signal that has been awful at my home and work addresses since the pandemic. This same network issue I have complained about numerous times before and yes, you guessed it wouldn't even load the activation page when I needed it most.


So I return to chat where me and the next chat advisor chase the same troubleshooting issues before handing me off to the tech again, where I am told this issue as been escalated and will be sorted within 5 working days. Chat advisors do a great job but even I don't believe I will hear from them or anyone else unless I do the hunting. By this point next week I will have returned to work where I am expected to do just that, not sit on chat logs. Tired, angry and frustrated.


No idea what's happened, why I can't just click a simple activation link nor do I understand why my queries on Spotify and indeed previous signal/mobile data does no one seem to give a hoot about but at best I won't subscribe to Spotify in this way going forth. As I say this service is very important to me and next time I'll happily just pay the few quid extra from them directly because this has ruined 2 days of my holiday time and will probably be weeks before I have any resolution such is my trust in Vodafone. Vodafone need to pull their finger out. As a customer of 10 years I have always tried to have patience, but the most important things don't seem to be working and my trust in the company is rapidly going downhill.


If anyone can help please reply 😮💨


Good news.  So you had to have your Vodafone contract cancelled and then renewed?  Was that process something that was done over the phone all in one go?

Thanks in advance 

Hi it was done over the phone and had to go to a special team…they cancelled my existing contract and put me back on another contract…this allowed Spotify add on to refresh itself so I could active the subscription 

Also I found the Facebook messenger team very helpful and they gave me frequent updates…I would recommend u also contact them

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I had this issue after my last renewal. Took 2 months before it finally started working out of no where.