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Tablet offer

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I just recieved a call from vodaphone about a long term loyalty reward scheme for a tablet over a 24 month period, capping my contract at £25.


I'm very dubious about this offer. the guy spoke very fast it was hard to understand exactly what he was saying so I didn't agree to anything.


Does anyone have any knowledge of 


A) the validty of the offer

B) the details of these offers

C) how I would verify the offer.


Many thanks




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion
Hi, there have been several reports on here about such "offers" which have lead to customers being stuck with "new" contracts at a more expensive level than they thought, so be careful if you do take up the offer, get everything in writing.

I never take offers from unsolicited calls.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Their maybe some notes in your account so speaking to customer service via 191 or live chat maybe beneficial. 


If Vodafone ring you they always show their number and ring from the numbers as stated in this link ->


I definitely agree not to agree anything via a cold call as your not in the right frame of mind to consider deals and you don't know what else is out their which may be of better use to you regarding hardware and deals. 

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2: Seeker
I received a similar call from a Vodafone salesperson. I was told as a loyal customer I had a free present on my account- then I was told he was checking what it was before saying it was a FREE tablet. Obviously I was a bit dubious about it so I asked them to clarify that there were no hidden charges - it was confirmed that there were none!

I have only now noticed that I am being charged £14.40 a month for line rental for this FREE tablet.

Vodafone have "lost" the recording of the call and therefore will not refund or even cancel the 2yr contract. Having to go to the financial ombudsman

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Very rare to be in a situation where your Bill is not produced within 30 days of you signing up, as that would still mean you are within the cooling period.


When did you sign up and when was your Bill? 

Same here, got the "free" table costing £12 for each month.
Tried to cancel and got told there was a 2 years contract in that line, so had to pay the full contract.

Felt totally like a scam, I don't even recall the contract being mentioned.

@RaphaelYoshiga I'm sorry to hear you've recently had some unexpected charges, since taking out a new tablet with us. We'll need to access your account so we can take a closer look into this for you. 

I've sent you a private message with details on how to contact our team 😊



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I'd like to think that it's made clear that you're taking out a new contract and what the montly charge is.  The call always seems to begin with the "loyalty bonus" and the free tablet and it's possible people are hearing this and not the rest.   However, this is a perennial complaint and it's hard to believe everyone is hoodwinked in this way.

The simple fact is that the offer is of a new contract which includes a device with no upfront cost, a bit like a fairly basic phone.   To work out whether it's worthwhile, you need to know what the device is and whether it fulfils any requirement you may have.   Multiply the monthly cost by the contract term (typically £15 x 24 months = £360).   That's a lot for a tablet you could probably buy for no more than £150 outright, especially if you don't really need the mobile connection and woud be quite happy with wifi.

As a general rule, refuse all cold call offers from anywhere as they're rarely as good as they first seem and often come with a catch.   I don't think Vodafone are setting out to deceive, but some of their sales people can be a bit disingenuous - emphasising the positives perhaps just a little too much and leaving the small print to the end when you're more interested than is perhaps wise.

If you want a tablet, research the market.   Then, if someone does come up with a offer, you'll know if it's any good and whether to accept it before they change their mind.