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Pay monthly

Vodafone monthly billing voice texts from BT

1: Seeker

Since I signed up with Vodafone for a sim only account I have received once a month a voice text on my BT landline reporting how much I have paid in the current month.

These voice texts are inconvenient and trivial. I have remove all references to my BT landline number from my Vodafone account, yet the voice texts keep coming.

Please how do I turn off these texts?

(as in stop Vodafone sending them. Today BT called up in the middle of the night, despite a curfew being set, I've now turned texts off completely with BT, but this loses me rare important voice texts and BT will probably cancel the setting at some point).


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17: Community Champion

Hi @fghjk 


It might be worth checking your online account and removing any reference to the landline number but this is a useful addition to receive the log in security code. If the billing notifications are for your mobile number, the text should be sent to the mobile.


If you have problems making the change, live chat should be able to quickly do this for you.  You can also speak to the Social Team here: Contact Us 

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