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Pay monthly

Vodafone - payt roaming vs pay monthly

16: Advanced member

I just spotted in a thread in the 'Pay As You Go' forum that Vodafone have launched roaming bolt on's for PAYT customers who roam outside of Europe.

The list is pretty huge and covers a wide range of countries. 

Prices are:

£15 for an 8 day bolt on giving 2GB data, 100 mins, 100 texts or

£25 for a 15 day bolt on giving 4GB data, 200 mins and 200 texts

So I'll be honest and say this package really caught my eye as I think it's a good offering for people travelling further.

But then I compared to Roam Further. I travel to countries where pay monthly roaming is £6 per day . I know there's swings and roundabouts with benefits (e.g. use up to 25GB data and all your minutes/texts) but I'd absolutely love to see a bolt on offered to pay monthly customers roaming further. 

Doing the maths, it'd be good to have the option of the £15 bolt on for an 8 day trip rather than paying 8 days at £6 (£48). Same for the 15 day option, £25 is a lot more palatable then 15 days at £6 (£90).


Hopefully something that's perhaps on the radar at Vodafone

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15: Advanced member

Roam Further has always had a whiff of a rip off when roaming, especially as you can't opt out.

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