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Vodafone website certificate revoked

4: Newbie

When logged into the as a consumer customer I keep getting a notification that vodafones website certificate has been revoked. 

The message is as per the attached.

Says used by the server -

Browser = Firefox 53.0.3 (64bit)

AV = Eset Smart Security. 


JohnJ, this is unbelievable!


This issue has being going on for several months, your colleagues are forever sending your customers around in circles, and failing to rectify what is a simple issue to fix - an out of date security certificate on one of your servers....


Please do not take this personally - because that is not the intention - but matters are getting to the point where this apalling customer service should be reported to Offcom.


- and yes, I am one of those affected by this simple to fix negligence.


Please take one of your senior techs through the entirety of this thread, and let's get a resolution 🙂

Thanks @JohnJ, your colleague Gemma called me and connected me with Scott from the small business team, so now my DOB is sorted. That's progress :). Scott also offered to raise the original query via the business support route, so let's hope we see some progress soon. Will keep you posted. 

One of the most frustrating things about web forums is when you find your exact problem, but the thread just fizzles out without conclusion. So for the benefit of others stumbling across this one - or for the corporate archeaologist writing the chapter about "what went wrong at Vodafone" -  I'd just like them to know that despite my very best persitent, polite and technically detailed communications with Vodafone on what is a basic website coding error with a security twist, the error remains in place today, 13 months after the initial report. This will likely be my last post on the topic. Vodafone forum mods, please feel free to close with the appropriate resolution code:

001 - We didn't know who to contact within Vodafone, so we just pretended we had and hoped the issue / reported went away.

002 - We did know who to contact within Vodafone, we contacted them, but that's the end of our responsibility as customer services people. If support didn't resolve it, that's their problem. They're a whole other department for goodness sake! If it's important, the customer will contact us again. And again, until they die, switch providers or give up. Anyway only a few people have reported it, so it can't be important, can it?

003 - Our ticketing system has been replaced with Snapchat. Once it's gone, it's gone.

004 - Actually we don't have a ticketing system.

005 - Someone somewhere has assessed the issue and decided it's not important enough to fix, but thought the best policy was not to admit to that, leaving the impacted customers with the impression that we're hopeless rather than wilfully neglectful.

006 - The person who wrote that bit of the website has left, and no-one knows how it works, sorry.

007 - The problem will be fixed in the next release. What was the problem again?

008 - Have asked customer to provide DOB of his first pet "due to data protection GDPR" and as this doesn't tally with the record we have (1-Jan-1900), have suggested he emails us his operating system version and takes his pet passport into Pet Doctors for validation. We realise this is unrelated to the issue repored and will not help get it fixed, but we have a process to follow here you know.

009 - The shame was too much, and we've actually fixed both the technical issue with our website, and the hopelessly broken customer service process that gave rise to this uncharacteristically sarcastic post from  a kong-term Vodafone customer (in both personal and corporate capacities). 


Happy 4th July!