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Work phone number is assosiated with my personal email address, and I can't delete the account

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

So I foolishly thought I may be able to get VeryMe rewards through my work phone number (which is on Vodafone). I signed up using my personal email address and work phone number. But I now have Vodafone Broadband etc, and want to use my email for that - however my account is still associated with my work phone number, which itself is a super-restricted account with no options whatsoever (if I log in I get this account screen, none of the links work and it looks like the interface hasn't been updated for a long time)


Screenshot 2022-07-14 095716.png

If I highlight "MyVodafone" and try and click on account settings, the page just refreshes and nothing happens, it's like I don't have access to that page. I have no option of deleting my email address assosiated with this number or any of my personal information. I've contacted Vodafone support and they don't seem to understand. What should I do? I want my personal data removed from this account completely, allowing me to register my broadband to my main personal email address.


Many thanks for any help!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @UnluckyForSome 👋 thanks for reaching out to us. 

At the moment VeryMe is available for Pay monthly and Pay as you go mobile customers - as you have Home Broadband with us and not a personal mobile, this will be what's stopping you from accessing these offers. 

I'd also recommend that we still remove your email address from your work number, to allow you to use it unhindered with your personal account. Your employer (or their Account Manager depending on the type of business account) would need to contact us directly to do this, by calling 191 from any of the Vodafone phones and this will route them through to the right team - alternatively they can request a call via this form.  

Thanks for the reply @Amanda - I forgot to mention - i’m no longer with this employer, so I can’t do that! Is there any workaround? Many thanks, 

@UnluckyForSome thanks for letting me know. 

The issue is that only a named user or the account holder can make changes like this on an account, which is usually the employer or account manager for business accounts. 

So we can check the type of business account it is and see what options we have available for you, please pop my team a message on social media - if you include a link to your post along with your community username, then you won't need to repeat yourself 👍