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Wrong Bill charged me £457 after cancelling contract

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

i have been charged £457 by vodafone. i dont understand why? in august i was using paymonthly sim and i was paying £10 every month from april or may.  but in august after 3 months of trial or probation  i decided to go for upgrade. i upgraded the plan which was £36 something like that monthly and i have the 14 days trial period . also i went to Vodafone store in braintree and they refused me to offer a phone device because of my credit is poor thats what they said to me. So i switched to EE and they offer me a new device and unlimited package data. Its with in the 14 days under trial period of vodafone. I can cancel my contract  by LAW. and package because i have issues with them Then on october 17 vodafone charged me £457 for what??? for refusing me?? they shouldn’t be charged me ETF(early termination fees) because i was under the trial of 14 days. i am happy with EE. please help me 😢


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

What was the minimum term of the original sim only contract and then the upgraded plan? E.g. You can't upgrade a 2 year sim only plan to a handset when 3 months in, cancel within 14 days and walk away paying nothing.

What have Vodafone said when you asked them to explain the fee?

my sim only plan was 18 may 2023 to 18 may 2025. i upgraded on 2nd sep 2023 and my trial period starts of 14 days. i received confimation on 4 th sept 2023 via email with the tariff of excess amount which was for internet data and airtime.  i switched my network to EE on 7 sept 2023. i am not supposed to charged under 14 days trial for termination fees for cancellation fees.  they are saying you will be charge for contract. they can charge me for package and services thats it. but not for the contract under trial if i switched to another netwrok

You owe Vodafone the ETC for terminating before May 2025, hopefully you agree there?

What may have happened though is if you upgraded and then cancelled, this should revert your plan back to the original term to end in May 2025. This can take a few days for Vodafone to process. If you cancelled whilst that was happening, then Vodafone will charge you for that contract ending early as they hadn't reverted back to the original plan.