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Pay monthly

You don't know what you've got till it's gone (Global Roaming Plus)

16: Advanced member

Does anyone know why Vodafone seem to be constantly reducing the number of plans that feature Vodafone Global Roaming Plus?

Specifically, according to their website, it was available with 

- A Red Entertainment plan before 4 Sep 2018 and 11 Jul 2019

- An Unlimited Max plan between 12 Jul 2019 and 14 Jun 2021 and now 

- An unlimited data Xtra Plan with 4 Xtra benefits from 14 Jun 2021 onwards

They've also taken the opportunity to reduce the 500 minutes you got to the EU on the Red Entertainment plans down to 100 EU Minutes on the Unlimited Max plans down to 0 minutes with the unlimited data Xtra Plan.

For me, as a pay monthly sim only customer, this has just ruled me out of any future upgrades. I don't see the value in paying £37 per month for a sim only that previously cost £30 and before that even less.

I also don't like the idea of then having to pay for a bolt on for EU minutes and then also feel the pain of paying £6 per day to roam in countries that were previously free. 

But here's the thing, whilst pay monthly is being squeezed here, PAYT is actually looking more appealing when it comes to roaming as they now have the fixed price 'around the world extras' which at least mean you know what you'll be paying. I mean for a two week trip, the PAYT bolt on costs the same as what you'd pay for 4 days on pay monthly. 

Or with EE, you can bolt on (and remove) their version of Global Roaming for £10 per trip.

For me, it looks like its back to the bad old days of buying local sims whilst I see out my remaining term.

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