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employee on phone cancelled my new airtime plan in error, instead of the one connectivity phone plan

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Phoned today to cancel the one connectivity plan for the watch.

for some reason the woman on the phone cancelled my new contract, unlimited MAX for £20 for 24 months, instead of the one connectivity plan, which then put me back on my old plan, from when i first changed it on the 27th November, which had just increased due to previous 2 year deal coming to an end, now over £44, and somehow creating additional charges on my next bill on top of that.

checked email right after phone call ended and noticed her mistake immediately, and phoned Vodafone. Explained what had happened to guy on phone and he contacted retentions to see if they could fix it and put me back on the same deal.  He said there was nothing they could do due to it being a black friday promotion and that i cant be put back on the same deal.  Guy said he would speak to his manager tomorrow and call me back, to try and get the cost down close to what i had signed up for and that was cancelled in error by a Vodafone employee.

but after checking billing it appears that when removing my new sim deal, it put me back onto the old deal and backdated it to 27th November as it has now added additional charges to the next bill.

seems ridiculous that since it was their mistake, that i cant be put straight back on the new plan at the same price I signed up for, and all additional charges should be credited.

any advice appreciated.

supposedly calling me back tomorrow.



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

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