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SIM Activation frustrations.

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2: Seeker


I would like to start this post by stating that I have been a VF employee for several years, specifically working in Business Care.

Last week, we purchased a new iPhone for my wife, which arrived the next day as expected. However, the eSIM QR Code never arrived by email.

After multiple web chats and calls, we discovered that the account had been cancelled, preventing the issuance of an eSIM QR code. On our fifth contact with VF, a very helpful representative explained that he would send a new SIM by post and provided a workaround to activate it, since we could not access the account due to the need for a code sent via SMS—something we could not receive with an inactive SIM card.

The instructions he gave were clear and effective, similar to those I have given myself while working for VF in the past. 

However, over 24 hours after submitting the information to activate the new SIM, we still have no service.

After performing all the usual checks, I returned to webchat. An hour later, I was informed that another SIM needs to be sent out as the one previously sent was not linked to the number.

I am reaching out here because I am deeply disappointed in the service provided. We are now approaching five days without a functional phone. Additionally, I have no confidence in the recent proposed solution, as the previous attempts have not resolved the issue.



Hello @Rousie, I hope you're well. I'm sorry to hear about the ongoing issues which you've been having with your wife's service since purchasing a new phone, as I appreciate the importance of being connected at all times, and the negative impact it can have to be without a connection for several days. In order for us to get to the bottom of this, we need you to message our Social Media Team here so that they can investigate your account and the SIM issues which are affecting the service.