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Is it true Vodafone wont give the NUC out???

3: Seeker

I bought a iphone 11 pro max from a site Gum***

about 3 months ago, I have been using it on payg for a while now 

I cant get the hang of this phone so was going to give it to my granddaughter

She is on a different network

I filled the online form in twice

I went on chat gave all the details again said it would take a few days then i would get the code

been on chat again no luck ,can anyone tell me how to get this phone network unlocked asap PLEAS




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17: Community Champion

No it's not true.

Vodafone will give out a Nuc if criteria is met.

However An iPhone is not unlocked via inputting a Nuc {unlocking code} like other phone models are, but instead is unlocked remotely by Apple themselves and their Database.

So no actual Nuc is sent by Vodafone UK. 
The Vodafone Network lets a person know by email it's unlocking has been requested to Apple after accepting your Nuc online unlock request. (Please Check Spam Inboxes too)

Please Note > The iPhone isn't actually usually unlocked to all networks at this stage when Vodafone email you.

What happens is Apple then process the Networks request and occasionally this can take Apple approximately from a few days upto a further 30+ days sometimes from Vodafone's email to complete an unlock request made by a Network.
To complete the process please periodically insert an active i.e. connects to mobile network data, alternative Networks Sim Card in the iPhone with hooking upto iTunes is only typically needed if its an iPhone 4 or older although it wouldn't harm to do so. 
From the iPhone 5 onwards there's not normally the need to hook up to iTunes to complete the process.
When it's unlocked you should see a pop up message and the alternatives Networks name will show in the iPhone's status bar. 

Have a word with the Vodafone Social Media Team's via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries and they'll check the status of your request @andyamos40 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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3: Seeker

That has been an education 

I have been on chat and phone and nobody has explained it like that

Well done you

Thank You

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3: Seeker

Well its been about 7-8 weeks now and still not got the phone unlocked

4 times on the chat promise each time within 72 hours the phone would be unlocked


I wasn't going to leave Vodafone but I am now

I'm going to sell the phone and buy a unlocked one

What a Total waste of my time and money 

Very Very disappointed 

Don't waste you're time trying to get a phone unlocked here 

It wont happen

I wont be recommending to anyone 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @andyamos40 


If it has been more than 7 weeks, the unlock should have been processed on Apple database, this should take no longer than 30 days.


Presumably, you have tried an alternative network SIM in the phone or synchronised to Apple to complete the unlocking process.

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3: Seeker

Tried that , I try it every day

I don't know what the problem is

every time i go on the chat  its the exact same things they say

must be reading from a card or something

its starting to stress me out now so time to change i think

I'm too old for this carry on

you feel like you are begging for the code or unlock code thingy

Its just not worth the grief

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