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Vodafone Curve Tracking Incorrect

2: Seeker

I bought the Vodafone Curve yesterday and the subscription. I set up the device and all seemed good. This morning from 1.00am I apparently left the house twice and returned home once. I apparently travelled 10 miles in 30 minutes and I'm currently 1/4 mile away in the next estate. I haven't moved! If I set the app to live tracking it shows me at home but as soon as I return the app to everyday use (30 minutes) I'm immediately off somewhere else. Is this the biggest pile of junk since landfill was invented 

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2: Seeker

I have to agree with you on this.

I appreciate that there are times it can not get a GPS signal - then it probably tries to triangulate from masts, and can get very inaccurate.

I bought mine to track my cats and retrieve them if they are lost - at the moment it would have me searching a mile from where they actually are at the moment!

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