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Apple Watch OneNumber Dropping Data Plan - What is going on?

2: Seeker

I've got an apple watch series 5 cellular that I subscribe to Vodafone OneNumber to use cellular data. This keeps losing the data plan for no reason. I'll use it one day, then switch it on the next day and there is no cellular data. Under Mobile Data, the watch will say "No SIM, No connection" and on the watch app on the phone, there is no data plan and "vodafone UK" appears in the list "Data Plans Not in Use".


I then have to contact customer services, faff about with a long EID number and a sim swap process and then unpair and pair my watch, reinstall all my payment cards and reset the damn thing up. The process takes about an hour each time it happens.


Why is this happening? Is it at vodafone's end? This never used to happen with my old carrier EE.



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17: Community Champion

I can well understand how that would be frustrating for you @cam1210 which obviously shouldn't be happening.

As a process of elimination you have an Apple Genius Bar Employee have hands on with the watch to make sure it's not the watch at issue.

If they find the watch to be working as described then your recourse is then with Vodafone customer services and or the Vodafone Social Media Team's via Twitter or Facebook to get this issue sorted with your account. I appreciate your having to do this now but hopefully something they do will lave a longer lasting effect with your services.


Some possible help links.



From discussions 

“ lthere is a setting that puts the watch on ''power saving mode'' and disconnect it from the internet. once you cancel it, it's working fine.

via the watch, go to settings -> workout -> and turn off the ''power saving mode'' that disconnect the cellular during walking and running workouts.

life is good.

I wish you all the best with this.

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.1  / Android 11.

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2: Seeker

Thanks for your reply.


No, I've done this claim it is not a problem with the watch and I'm inclined to believe them based on the time I was with my previous carrier. I don't have power savings mode activated and I always keep the watch well charged. One day it will work perfectly, the next day I'll switch it on and find the cellular data plan has gone. On the phone app, vodafone UK appears in the "Plans not in use" list and the watch says "No SIM, No connection". This leads to a whole process to get it reconnected. I'm still without data today waiting for the sim swap.


What is really frustrating me is that nobody at customer services seems to know or will tell me why the problem has repeatedly happened. They give me the procedure to fix that instance, then it repeats. I kept asking today can they tell me why this is happening and they refuse to go beyond their script or tell me who i should contact to get some answers. I am highly suspicious it is a vodafone back-end system problem or my OneNumber data plan is being cancelled somehow but nobody will confirm or deny this.

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