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Apple Watch connection to Onenumber

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Adding my name to the list of people that cannot connect their Apple Watch to Onenumber. The sim swap website does not allow me to finish the process, the ‘NEXT’ button does not activate after entering the EID number. I have spoken to 191, tech support and and customer support in a shop and each time been told the issue is resolved but it hasn’t. The only thing that has happened is I have 2 Onenumber accounts now. I am not on social media so cannot contact the team via that. 


4: Newbie


I have also noticed that the “next” button doesn’t work when entering the EID for an Apple watch. I found that the solution seems to be to select “other” as the watch type. The EID is then accepted and the “next” button works.

Thanks Mark, this was one of the options suggested by tech support, it didn’t work for me. I just get an error message saying something went wrong.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to see you're having difficulty with this @timjdavis71. As the team here assist primarily through Social media, please pop us a message via one of our social channels and we'll be more than happy to take a closer look into this and see if we can help get you connected. As you've advised you don't have a social profile, pop us a message via our online chat service and we can also help there.

TOBi on the online chat has proved less than helpful. Only recommending the same process as the tech support.