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Problem unlocking iPhone 5C

3: Seeker



I have an iPhone 5C that I bought through Carphone Warehouse onto the Vodafone network.


I'm now at the end of my contract, and have found that the phone is locked to Vodaphone.


From Carphone's website, this is the expected behaviour for iPhones:


(under Exceptions)


On completing the online form, I've been sent an automated e-mail saying that the IMEI could not be found, asking me to check it. Unfortunately that e-mail gave no guidance at all on what to do if the IMEI entered was correct.


Searching online, it seems it is quite common for phones bought through third party sites to fall into this trap.


Talking to someone in the Carphone Warehouse store today, they are saying that there is nothing they can do, and there is no route they have to give you the IMEI.


I do have an invoice from them with the IMEI on it, and the fact that it was bought with a Vodafone 2 year contract.


I'm not sure if the other problem may be that I ported my number out when I left Vodafone, so I wasn't sure what number to put into the telephone number field on the form. Again, Internet searching suggested to put my old number in, and that you would be able to find the account.


Any assistance or advice on how to get this resolved gratefully received.





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17: Community Champion



You're not alone with this kind of issue when the iPhone has been bought from a 3rd party. Smiley Sad a search on the forum would show similar posts to yours. 


Yes they do lock out to the first sim. 


Cpw when setting up your account and passing the info onto Vodafone should I believe have updated them with the phones info too. 


Apple wouldn't engage with Cpw as they'll only talk with the network the iPhone is locked to  


I'd suggest to call 191 or use Live Chat to explain and they'll either fill out the unlocking form for you or give you the direct email address for Vodafone nuc unlocking department so you can email them direct. 


If that does not resolve the issue then you'd need to perservere with customer services. 


One other route would be to pick up a payg sim card from Vodafone and use it in the iPhone for 30 days Making calls and send texts and using data but to be honest that way is going to delay you by 30 more days and cost you a minimum top up which after using the iPhone on the network as a contract customer you shouldn't have to do but I thought it worth mentioning. 


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3: Seeker



I'm having the same issue as others on this thread. Would it be possible for one of the Tech team to send me the private message that allows this to be progressed?


See also my previous message at:


I have tried the live chat, but have been told the systems are down for the next 2-3 hours. All I really want is details on how to submit my invoice so I can start the process.

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I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.


A member of our team, will then be in touch with further help.


For anyone else with the same issue, try the steps listed here and if you’re still affected, contact customer service.


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4: Newbie

DEMAND TO BE DEALT WITH BY CUSTOMER RELATIONS ON 01635 #####, FORCEFULLY REQUEST THEY "MANUALLY UNLOCK" YOUR PHONE. Yes, they actually have a procedure to unlock your phone without a NUC code needed.

I provide this info to allow customers facing the same distress, wasted hours and bottom-level support to achieve a legal resolution with no further issues to themselves.

Heres a bit more detail to the above:

Had a similar issue trying to leave Vodafone (still ongoing). This after a year of mis-billing, contract issue (Vodafone decided to give me a new contract but then billed me nearly £500 for their inability to fix my previous contract (I cancelled my direct debit fortunately - after many hours Vodafone admitted their fault and stopped trying to take the £500 from me), and occasionally cutting off my service without any notice.

Back to the NUC issue. After many hours, complaining, passed around and eventually threats of legal routs (Ombudsman, Watchdog, Ofcom, legal representation) I may have finally been offered a completely new solution.

Spoke to Customer Relations Dept opn 01635 ######. Spoke to Nadine #### who now informs me Vodafone will perform a "manual unlock". This will be done by Vodafone, will not require any action from me and should allow me to use my other provider's SIM card.
I suggest you skip any other form of customer support (I've spent hours doing so and just get given "wait for another 48 hours sir..." then followed by the same non-working NUC code. And the loop goes on.

I am waiting to see if this works, but I made myself very clear on the actions I'm willing to take and this appears to have had the desired effect.

One wonders why not one customer services person (Complaints Dept, Consumer Resolutions Dept, Complaints Dept, NUC "team", Technical Support, In-store staff etc) had ever offered me this option. Any why I took every conceivable threat to get someone at Vodafone to release me.

I'm naturally going to go through the Ombudsman, I'm requesting all audio recordings, all history on my file, and had resorted to making my own audio recordings of my phone calls to Vodafone in an attempt to seek a fair and just punishment / compensation etc.

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