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Proof of usage and blacklisting

2: Seeker

I have spent over 30 hours on the prhone to Vodafone to send me proof of blacklisting and they have sent a pdf with N/A on. No help what so ever. I go away Saturday for 4 weeks and this awful company are stopping me from being excited.

cani go in store to get this proof as I refuse to go through the “up to 5 days” malarkey for the Wrong information even tho I was toddlers that the blacklisted information would be on there 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Mjkimmins


Usually a person can also request this info via How-do-I-get-a-proof-of-purchase-usage-or-barring. to which they say "After sending your form, you’ll get an email from us confirming we’ve received it.  We’ll reply with all the information you need within three working days, we can also send it directly to your insurer."

 I'm at a loss as to why you haven't been sent the info requested correctly. 

A Vodafone Highstreet Store would only advise you to call Customer services. 

We do have a Vodafone Social Media Team here that reads all members posts but it can take a while for them to catch up with all the threads and reply to those that require a reply. 

I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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@Mjkimmins - I’m sorry to hear you haven’t received the proof of blacklisting. We don’t want to make you feel like this when you’re going away. So we can take a look, please send us your details by following the steps in this private message. 

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