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Still no network connection

2: Seeker

I got my old phone unlocked so that I could use a giffgaff sim in it, but even though I've got an email saying it's all sorted, I can't get any sort of mobile connection. What could I try please?!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @carolinesk 


To complete the unlocking process, you need to put your activated connecting to the GiffGaff network SIM in the phone or synchronise to itunes, a message will come up on the screen to let you know when the phone is unlocked.


I would also recommend a look through the unlocking board on the forum where you will be able to find lot of previous threads with helpful advise and tips.

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the reply. I've inserted the sim and turned the phone on - no luck. For iTunes, the phone doesn't have an account (it's for my son) - what should I do?

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17: Community Champion

Hello @carolinesk 


May I ask which model of iPhone are you trying to unlock  ? 

I ask because from the iPhone 5 onwards there should not be a need to hook upto iTunes to complete the unlock.

Even though Vodafone have sent you an email to confirm unlock that does not always mean it's actually unlocked at that stage as its Apple that actually unlocks it !

It can take Apple some further time to complete the unlock which has been known to be from a few days upto 30 days.

Keep inserting the sim and turning the iPhone on within that timeframe periodically until you see the Giffgaff name in the phones status bar.

Is the Giffgaff sim card working ? i.e can you connect to mobile data to use internet ?

If so then your Giffgaff sim is activated.

Speak to Vodafone customer services and they can check the phones status from their end to endure it's showing as unlocked and if necessary involve the Vodafone Nuc department.

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