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WiFi one iPhone 11

3: Seeker

I have WiFi calling enabled and it does work. However, when I receive a call on this connection I get a red screen which I guess is the Vodafone app intercepting. It is a bit confusing during my most recent call as I wanted to turn on the speaker-phone option but finding this app in the middle of a call was not easy. On this iPhone (11) there is a particular 'swipe' that goes from bottom to top that opens all the running apps as a deck of cards. It would be nice to know how I can get at this more easily. Vodafone's help guide is not up to date for IOS 14.6 so I don't see WiFi option in Settings. Just trying to call from my home phone for example make it come up on the iPhone app not the red Voda app. As usual the signal is marginal so the operation of WiFi calling is not certain.


Am I missing something obvious here?



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16: Advanced member

I can't help. but I think you may get a better response in iOS - Community home (

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