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eSIM - Another Vodafone eSIM stuff up

6: Helper

Went in store yesterday, 16/05/2021 to ask for a replacement eSIM and was redirected online as it would be 'quicker and easier'. Went online to request a replacement eSIM online I was presented with a QR code. When I scanned the code, I was given the message that it is invalid, and I need to contact my service provider. So, I contacted Vodafone who 'sent me the QR code'


When I tried to scan that code, I again got the same message. As I was on the phone to the person I advised them of this and they told me that the order was stuck and that I would need to contact them in 24 hours so they could raise a request to get that order pushed through.


I've spoken to someone today who said I need to wait until 19:00 today as the order "might not be stuck" but if it is, after 19:00 they'll be able to raise a request that will clear the stuck order. Guess how long I will have to wait for that request to be fulfilled? 24 hours.


This is exactly what happened to me last time, it took over 7 days and I was pushed from pillar to post. I’ve requested to speak to  a manager who will call me back in 24 hours, but I know from previous experience this will not happen


Before AnnS or BandOfBrothers reply on this I know there's no account access on the forum  and I can contact the social media team etc. :Winking_smiley:


I've got no option but to wait until after 19:00 and call back foir a request to be raised to get the order cancelled or pushed through but I could place bets that this will take a week to resolve.


Such a poor service.

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I'm sorry to see there's been a problem with your switch over to an eSIM @garetbe. I know you've been advised to wait the full 24 hours before following up the delay with your order, but if you pop us a private message through any of our social channels, one of the team will pick this up, monitor your order and if it's not completed by 7pm raise a case to our Tech team without interrupting your evening. When you message us privately our automated assistant will try to help, by selecting 'Get started' followed by 'asked to DM', you'll be able to speak directly to one of our team.

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