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iMessage Activation

2: Seeker




I have recently switch from Android to an iPhone 8, and cannot use my phone number for iMessage/FaceTime. It only lets me use my email. I get a popup telling me my number is already linked with another account, yet ive contacted apple support and had the account it was linked to permanently deleted. Has anyone else had this issue, what did you do?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @jake6 


I've come across instances like this before.

A person needs to deregister from the number and then re activate. 

It's worth a try ! 

Then reset it back up and make sure everything it ticked as it shows in the following link in your iPhone's settings.

Add or remove your phone number in Messages or FaceTime. 

I wish you all the best with this. 


The image you've uploaded contains your mobile number so as this is an open forum it would not be possible to let it show.

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.1  / Android 11.

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2: Seeker

Hello, you could delete the app and reinstall it, then re-sign in your account. If it still doesn't work, then you might have to consider if the iMessage not working on your iPhone. To fix it, you could use a related iPhone recovery tool to resolve the iMessage activation error on your iPhone. 

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2: Seeker

I have already tried to do that unfortunately and still face the same issue. Do you think buying a new SIM Card and putting it in will help?

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Hey @jake6 I don't believe a new SIM won't help, unless you're using a new phone number with it. It's your number that seems to be connected to another account, not your SIM.

I see you mentioned having an old iTunes account, Since speaking to Apple, have you tried logging into your old account and making sure it's been deleted, or at least the number's been removed?

Does your number show in your current Apple ID through you iPhone settings? You can check this by going to Settings > selecting your Apple ID (this is usually at the top of the page) > Name, Phone Numbers, Email > Once you're in there, you'll see contactable at. This should show your email and connected phone numbers.

If it's listed there, you should be able to register this for use with iMessage by following these steps 👉 Go to Settings > Messages > Send and receive > You can be receive iMessages to and Reply from > add your phone number here.

Let us know how you get on when checking your account and trying this 😊


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