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Limit kids times on the broadband

I’ve just signed up an set up the new broadband top package I need to limit my children’s WiFi at certain times the router has no option for this it is very important for me to do this as I have a big house hold and they would be sat up all night I c...

Gsdeals by 2: Seeker
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Problems Connecting Steam Deck to Vodafone Router

Hi,I have a Steam Deck 512GB OLED model and am having nightmares connecting to my internet. Every other device in my house connects fine but the Deck constantly struggles and often has a strong connection to the router but has the message 'Steam Deck...

Gaaangle by 3: Seeker
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WiFi speeds not correct

Just had the 900mbps line installed.When the engineer installed it, he tested the WiFi and was like "oh, it's only 500, will probably take awhile to get the speed through".However once he left, I whacked in a cable and did a test and got 930mbps, and...

No 4g on my iPhone

Hi I’ve just changed from pay monthly to pay as you go and now my 4g isn’t working I’ve tried all the steps and spoke to an advisor still no luck any ideas what else I can try? changed my APN all ready 

Resolved! My client website is blocked by vodafone?

Hi,My client website: https:apkmyboy.com/Is being blocked by vodafone, stating that it's an 18+ website(it's not 18+ at all!)It works on O2 networks and wifi, but vodafone is giving an issue.I have https enabled and SSL certificates (can be checked o...


S24 Ultra Pre order on back order !!!

I'm in the same situation as a few people now... Ive been sending messages on a ETA of the S24 Ultra 1tb every week. Been put on back order since the "22nd of January" when pre ordered. Its now the 21st of February and it now says on back order for 2...

Jb296 by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! New FTTP

Hi, I've had FTTP installed and using a Fritzbox 7530. Changed it to use modem and it's connected, the DL speeds are a 6th of what they should be. I am getting 83MB down and 57 up, package is 500 DL and 68 UL. Will it improve or is there a fault?

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We had a technical issue affecting mobile voice calls earlier today, our recovery plan is fully in place and usual service has been restored. We will be monitoring the situation closely.


Mobile Voice Calls

We are aware that some customers are experiencing issues making mobile voice calls. Our team continues to work on fixing the problem, which stems from a technical fault in our network. We're sorry for...


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Intermittent Network Issues Resolved

Good afternoon, We can confirm that the network issue experienced by some customers this morning has been fixed and normal service has resumed. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.