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Battery Drain Issue on Android Device

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I've noticed a significant increase in battery drain on my Android device lately. Even after optimizing settings and closing background apps, the battery seems to be draining faster than usual. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue or found effective solutions to improve battery life on Android?



Hey @nexusiceland Thanks for reaching out to us. 

From my experience with android, I noticed that some apps that I don't use are still running in the background. So I went into the applications section in settings and put to sleep the ones that I don't use at the moment. You could also use the 'Device care' section within your settings to optimize your battery and storage. This will automatically put to sleep any applications you've not been using and remove any issues. This all depends if your phone has this option. 

If you're still experiencing battery drain, you could always visit one of our Vodafone stores and speak with one of our Tech agents there. You can book an appointment with them here. You'll just need to search your postcode, select the nearest store to you and you can then book an appointment. 

4: Newbie

I have experienced the same thing on my Samsung device and tried every single thing available on the web: adjusting the screen brightness, lowering the background activity, disabling the location services for all apps, limiting the push notifications, checking for a new Android operating system update but no luck.

Then, someone said about 'Safe Mode', it is not exclusive to the Samsung devices, available on Android devices as well. It basically restarts the device only with the system apps and temporarily disabling the third party apps which allow you to understand whether the battery drain issue is because of a 3rd-party application or not. If the battery draining issue continues in the Safe Mode, it is an operating system or hardware issue. If not, it is a third party apps that should be uninstalled from your device.