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Could anyone please advise if the Xiaomi 10TLite, wi-fi calling feature works on a personal contract

3: Seeker

I've been a Vodafone customer for many years principally because of the Sure Signal device.  The mobile signal for all networks is poor where we live and we've relied upon Sure Signal to provide a good phone signal for calls.  A little over 2 years ago our Sure Signal died, so we purchased a new one which has died 2 weeks after the end of the 2 year warranty.  When checking the length of the warranty I noted that Vodafone are turning off the Sure Signal capability this year, so we need to look at alternative solutions.  Vodafone recommend wi-fi calling.

I've seen on the list of business contract compatible phones that the Xiaomi 10T Lite will provide wi-fi calling, but it's not on the list of phones in the personal section of the website.

I'd be most grateful if anyone could confirm the function will also work with my personal contract.  
Many thanks in advance for any responses

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Hey @keith_a 👋 I've been able to find the Xiaomi 10T lite on the supported devices. This means that if you bought your device directly from Vodafone. We'll able to help you get your Wi-Fi calling functions working. If you'd like some help setting this up, please don't hesitate to drop us a line via Social Media 😊

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