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Device care warranty z fold 4

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Zo my zfd is 16 months old, since I got back from holiday I noticed ot wouldn't open flat, took it I to store and it was sent away for repair.


I get an email saying the engineer had looked at it and the repair would be done via my device care warranty. 


I called the number provided and the engineer told me that the reason the phone won't open fully is "due to the screen".....

Please note the phone is spotless,  no cracks, no scuffs and no scratches,  I am in hospital at the moment so I did t want to get into a debate with the call handler so I rejected to pay the £600 repair fee and elected to have it sent back to the store.


When I am out of hospital I will go and have a face to face e chat with someone.


It's my position that if the phone won't do what it's main selling point is (which is to fold open) due to the screen (not sure why the screen would stop this) then its a manufacturer fault and should he covered by my device care warranty,  I could even possibly take it to Samsung as although their warranty is only 1 year I believe we have 2 years in the EU for manufacturer faults.


What are your opinions?


The best analogy I could think of would be buying tyres that didn't inflate and the company failing to replace them.


Seems like a really poor attitude from Vodafone on this situation 


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Your correct to approach Vodafone first as they are the merchant and as such apply the warranty. 

However Samsung also apply a 24 month Manufacturing Warranty so will only be too happy to look at the phone. 

I'm not sure what the Vodafone representative is saying in regards to the screen causing this unless it's the factory fitted screen protector delaminating or there saying the phone's hinge system has been accidentally damaged 🤔 

The warranty does not apply to accidental damage. 

You also have rights under the 2015. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Hey, I know accidental damage is not covered which is why I made a point of letting g you all know the phone is spotless, I had my own screen protector on it and I initially though it may be preventing the screen from opening fully but when I removed it the problem still remained.


I am just disappointed that Vodafone repair team would effectively say "there is no damage to your phone that you have cause yet it still won't work as expected due to the screen" but we want to charge you 600 quid for it