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Motorola Moto G32 VoLTE / WIFI calling

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I recently bought a new moto G32 in preparation for the 3G network switch off next year but I've just received a text telling me my device isn't compatible with 4G calling!  I've used the online checker on the Vodafone website and the IMEI code for this brand new handset comes back as not compatible.

I've tried switching on WIFI / 4G calling through my account and was unable because I'm not eligible.


I didn't buy the handset from Vodafone, but I see an identical model is available on the Vodafone store, so please can someone explain why I can't receive this service?  I will be very unhappy if I've just paid out for a brand new device that turns out to be incompatible with Vodafone.


I'm on PAYG.




So just an update on this thread.  I contacted customer services today via TOBi and asked when the Moto g32 would be supported and how to enable WiFi / 4G calling.  The operator enabled it for me then and there and the option to enable WiFi calling has now appeared on my phone.


It does seem to be working, through WiFi at least (I've had no signal at work for a few days due to the local mast being down) so it would appear the G32 is supported.


Thanks everyone for your replies.

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Hi @sixtring_uk I hope you are well 🙂 I can certainly appreciate how frustrating and concerning this must be. Unfortunately, at this point in time not all phones are compatible with 4G calling even if a similar model is. We regularly update our compatible handsets list so customers can check which phones will work with 4G calling before they buy a phone or take out a new contract. 

We are working to get as many phones ready for 4G calling as possible but we have no guarantees on what phones will become compatible and when. 

Hi @Effie , thanks for your quick response.


I'm well thanks, hope you are too.


I'm not talking about a similar phone,  there is an identical handset shown on the Vodafone web store here  Are you suggesting you're selling a handset that won't be compatible with your network next year after 3G is switched off?  I also find it crazy that a brand new handset, only released this year isn't futureproofed on your network.


I appreciate your response and please don't take this reply as an attack on you personally but if I knew this was the case I wouldn't have bothered upgrading at all.

I'm good thank you for asking, I'm glad you are too! I completely understand @sixtring_uk and if I were in your position, I would certainly be just as frustrated and concerned. 

The device will be compatible with the network but currently it isn't compatible with 4G calling which is a separate service. Typically calls are made using the 2G network. 4G calling instead uses the 4G network to make a call which gives a much better quality sound and connection. Not all devices are compatible right now so any none compatible phones will continue to connect to the 2G network when you make a phone call 🙂

@Effie thanks again.  I guess all I can do for now is wait for 4G calling to be supported by Vodafone on this device.  It's not exactly clear though, when the device itself supports a service but it is limited by the network.


Can you confirm that, when the device becomes approved for 4G calling I will be able to use it, regardless of where I bought it?


You're welcome @sixtring_uk Once your model of phone gains 4G calling compatibility, there should be no reason why you wouldn't be able to use the feature. We of course can't make any guarantees with phones that aren't purchased from us directly because they have come from a different company but, at a network and cellular level, the phone will receive the settings from the manufacturer and we will provide open access to the 4G calling so really there should be no issue. I just don't want to give you a guarantee when this isn't something I can provide. 

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As mentioned above, the network isn't supported yet on your specific model, but they are rolling out the 4G calling network to as many devices as possible, and it should be available within a few weeks to months.


We can always notify you when your device is compatible, if you wish for that also.

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17: Community Champion

I have a G8+, which isn't on the compatibility list, altough the G8 Play is.   I'm pretty sure that, as Motorola devices use pretty much pure Android, the settings for the Play would work with the +.  I just haven't got round to trying it yet.

I see that Vodafone are selling the G32 and I thought that all devices sold by the network were compatible with wifi calling, so it may be that there are settings that can be sent to your phone.   Drop the Social Media team a note on Facebook or Twitter and see if they can get this done.

@hrymthat was why I was so confused - Voda are selling a device that doesn't support a service which is going to become pretty useful after next year.  I'll give the socials a go, cheers.


@Effietotally understand you can't make any guarantees.  I did read elsewhere on the forum that it should be possible to get a software patch sent to my device to add the network specific coding to support this functionality, which I assume is already loaded onto handsets supplied by Voda, so once it's added to the list I'll get back onto it.


@kbrownthanks, yes notification would be great.

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17: Community Champion

I think the information you are receiving from the network is misleading.  It implies that you won't be able to make calls when 3G is switched off, which simply isn't true.  The 2G network will remain live and support calls and SMS.   In theory it can also carry data, but the speed is so slow as to be incompatible with current requirements.

I'd be surprised if the settings for at least one of the Motorola models wouldn't work.   I also assume that you've enabled the service on your account and checked whether it's available on your phone.

The way the system works is that, if your phone is listed as compatible, the settings will be sent automatically when it initially connects to the network (same as the data APNs).  If this doesn't happen, Tech Support can force them, and that's what you need.  It's just a matter of them selecting a suitable set.