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Motorola Moto G82 5G support WiFi calling

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Does the Motorola Moto G82 5G support WiFi calling with Vodafone please? It's not on the list (Data Calling – make calls without signal | Vodafone) but it is a new phone so I am seeking confirmation before buying. 



Hey @jimBob69 The lists have recently been updated so if the device is not on there then it is not a phone that currently supports Vodafone WiFi calling 🙂

Thanks for the response but a real shame. I've spent a long time researching the phone that meets my needs, likes and budget all as a consequence of the emails from Vodafone about the end of 3G voice.


I have read that "The Moto G82 has been designed to support Wi-Fi Calling. However, Wi-Fi Calling is carrier-specific. Please note that our devices will only support Wi-Fi Calling on carriers that choose to support that feature."


My desire to have this ability exceeds my loyalty to Vodafone. I read that EE supports  it - I'm looking at another Moto phone not on the list for my partner too . So that looks like two ex-Vodafone customers, a shame when the phones are bang up to date and have the capability.


We certainly don't want to see you leave us @jimBob69 but I can certainly appreciate how important it is to have a phone that suits your needs and likes. 

We're working hard to get as many phones as possible able to use the WiFi calling feature and the list will be updated regularly. 

Thank you. I appreciate there are many phone manufacturers and new models to certify. Does that mean, as the 3G shutdown is not until next year, it is highly likely that, if I wait, the phone will get added to the list? 

There is every chance that the G82 5G will be tested and added to the list before the 3G shutoff @jimBob69 

I of course can't give you any guarantees but as it is a newer model and we do support other Motorola G series handsets, it is likely that we will look to add the G82 to the list in the very near future 🙂

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Also bear in mind that your phone will still be able to make calls and send texts via the 2G network, which has much the same (possibly better) cover as 3G.

Hello Vodafone,

Do you have any updates please on support of WiFi calling on Vodafone with the Moto G82 5G please?


My wife and I are in a poor signal area, in a river valley, and when we are inside we get no signal 


My Moto G 5G plus support WiFi calling well.


And the option for WiFi calling comes up on my wife's Moto G82 5G if I put an EE SIM in it.


My wife had WiFi calling when she also had a Moto G 5G plus.


Will Moto G82 5G be supported soon with WiFi calling?


Cheers Tony.

Hey @tonygibbs16, I've checked our list of supported phones and I can confirm that the Motorola Moto G82 5G still hasn't been added as a Wi-Fi Calling supported phone. Unfortunately, as touched on in this thread by my colleague Steph, we are unable to provide a rough estimate when the Motorola Moto G82 5G will be added, or if it's going to be added.

The 'Check supported phones' list on our Data Calling web page is regularly updated as and when new phones are supported. At this moment in time we can only advise to keep an eye out for any changes.

Thanks @Jason for your reply.

I understand.

Maybe I should have bought a phone on the list 

Cheers Tony.