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Vodafone related error when trying to use public WiFi

1: Seeker


Does anyone know how to resolve this when trying to use public WiFi? Seems something about my Vodafone broadband is very embedded in my Xiaomi mi 9 lite, removing the Vodafone app didn't resolve it

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17: Community Champion

I'm not quite sure what's happening here.   Does this appear on all public networks, or have you only tried it on McDonalds so far?

Also, how are you trying to connect?   Are you in the list of available wifi networks and tapping on the one you want to connect to?   I don't use Xiaomi devices, but I've never seen a page quite like that.  It certainly looks as though the phone is trying to use your home network, but it shouldn't appear on the list if you're out of range.  

My phone has a general Wifi preferences page with "turn on automatically" unchecked (for when I specifically don't want to use wifi) and "Open network notification" on so that I know when one is available.

Can you try turning "connect automatically" off, but leaving wifi itself on.   I'd expect the device to connect seamlessly to anything it can check in to (public networks will usually throw up a sign-in page).

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