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Xperia 1 ii - WiFi calling

2: Seeker


I cannot get WiFi calling working on my Sony Xperia 1 ii. It's an unlocked phone. I've followed all current ways of unlocking but the option on my phone to enable / disable  never appears. I have the messages from VF saying enables but not present on the handset. 


All suggestions welcome. 




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17: Community Champion

Hi @Callonchance 


If you have followed the set up procedure and receive confirmation from Vodafone the feature is added to your account, follow the device guides here: Device Guides this may not be your phone but basically the same for Sony phones.


Still have problems, speak to live chat, Customer Services or directly to the Social Team here: Contact Us 

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2: Seeker

Many thanks. Whilst the device guide is not specific for the Xperia 1 ii, following does not reveal the options as in the guide. WiFi calling does not show as an option. 


The guide shows a lower version of Android. Whilst I'm now on Android 11. 



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9: Established


You need to try to get Vodafone to provision WiFi calling on your phone so the WiFi calling setting is activated and shows. 

Contact CS, tell them your Wifi Calling account is activated but no setting on the phone is showing up...and ask for a provisioning signal. Lots of CS reps don't know what this is....get them to pass you on to a tech CS.

A generic Sony provisioning should do you.

Vodafone has always been bad with WiFi Calling. Most CS reps seem not to really understand and loads of handsets go by the wayside because they're not "officially supported". 

Good luck!

PS....if you fail with back in a bit and try again...hopefully you'll get one that knows about it. 

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