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Gigafast Peterborough VLAN Tag?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Support haven't got a clue and wont put me through to anyone who can, they dont really care. The person I spoke to didnt even know what a VLAN tag was they just kept giving me the username and password.


What is the VLAN Tag for the Gigafast Network in Peterborough? it is not 911 like in MIlton Keynes nor the classic BT 101 (and why would it be?)


I want to use my own router (netgear xr500) instead of using the garbage vodaphone one. Before you say it no I not interested in modem mode or DMZ routing. I want 1 router only. its not hard


Give me the details, educate your support team - this is not 'need to know' information like I've been told








Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@peteralexjones9 I'm sorry you've had this experience, I appreciate just how unsatisfying this can be. We supply you with a router which we're able to help with troubleshooting steps and the setup in general. If you were to purchase a third party router, this is entirely up to yourself but please note,  uwe'renable to assist with any queries regarding this router. 



I also need this information for the Peterborough area. It is not specific to each router as you've mentioned above, it's generic connection information which needs to be supplied with the username and password which I received without issue yesterday. I asked about vlan id/tag on the chat window but was told it wasn't needed, when in fact it is as trying Username and password alone does not allow connection.


Please tell us what this code is for the Peterborough area! 

12: Established
12: Established


Could it be

Number 193?

1: Seeker

Peterborough VLAN TAG SOLVED!


Hi Pete, I know this is an old post but I couldn't see a newer response. I've been doing some research into this as well and I've just got my TPLink router working with the following settings:


Username/password as provided by Voda Chat Support, they knew what I needed so this was easy.

Network Type PPPoE

IGMP Proxy: Enabled (was be default)

IPv4 DHCP: Enabled (public, not my LAN)

VLAN-ID: 911 (yes, the same as Milton Keynes, I was surprised...!)

IP-Phone ID: 2 (cuz we don't use it but it needs a value)

IP-TV VLAN: 3 (as above)

MTU: 1492 (was default 1480 but I'm sure I remembered seeing 1492 required somewhere)

802.1Q Tag box: CHECKED (this was the last component I was missing)


Router: TPLink Archer C6 AC1200


Hope this helps!!