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sky open reach to Vodafone city fibre

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I will be finally moving to Vodafone after lurking here for some time in June.

Vodafone site allows me to book install up to 2 months in advance.

I am currently tied in with SKY FTTP £500  to 12th June so will look for offers from 13th April onwards.

Couple of questions..

It states Vodafone will transfer my line as long as I am not with Virgin Media.  (set up page on Vodafone city mentions city fibre so it will be this vs open reach). 

1. Everywhere I look other than Vodafone site  it states City Fibre won't tell my open reach provider and I need to do this myself - just want some clarity that this will happen.

2. If Vodafone do it does this mean they will do it 14 days out, or how does it work.  I get I won't be charged cancellation fee from SKY as it won't transfer over until he transfer date. 

3. Is there a quick way to live chat. I seen a post somewhere with a shortcut to a human but having spend an hour looking for it I sadly can't find it.

Read about some issues with Vodafone and city fibre with throttling in evenings or issues with workplace VPN just hoping this is all something of the past and can stream all good via firestick as normal.   

SKY are £46pm now for my 500 speed vs Vodafone 900 at £31 (current price).

I will be using my own router AX-86U Pro where will contact live chat. 

Thank you 


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

If you are currently on Openreach, and will be moving to CityFibre with Vodafone, it's unlikely the Sky service will be automatically cancelled. 

If you are going to use your own router you will lose easy access to the phone service.

Live chat, bypassing Tobi,


Thank you !

Yeah this is the bit that confused me would think they would be clear on that ! I might just ensure it's cancelled myself 🙂 

What happens to your old contract

If you already have broadband with another provider, we’ll switch this over to us on the same day, unless you’re with Virgin Media. This will cancel the contract you have with the other provider – they might charge you a fee for this if your contract with them hasn’t ended. If you’re switching from Virgin Media, you need to let them know.


3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Just wanted to update everyone.

I contacted as a new customer to vodafone chat.

I had a simple question "why does the website state you will transfer my services from openreach when it seems you won't" 

Answer - we won't notify your provider if on openreach but we will notify openreach the same day to terminate openreach with cityfibre takeover.

I challenged this obviously 

I then (after 4 transfers to different people over 1 hour) asked your doing a big switch at moment with BT so you don't notify them when transfer.

Answer... yes we do

Me... you do know there on openreach .

Answer.. yes the termination fee payment only applies to BT

Me... I'm not asking about termination fees...

I gave up at this point to then ask just for a laugh "how difficult is this going to be to get my username and password' 

Reply... you cannot use your own router on vodafone. 

At this point I decided to not bother but thank you all for help.