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Broadband connection

Broadband down, support closed

2: Seeker

My voda broadband has gone down tonight. Looks like I can't get through to customer support at this time of night. When I phone in and specify broadband problem I just get 'no support' message and the suggestion to go to then get cut off.

Tobi appears to be asleep so how do I get the attention of someone in support to do a DLM reset?


I'm trying to work tonight and I have very limited mobile data so need the line restored asap.


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16: Advanced member

Unfortunately, when you can't get through, you can't get through, and if trying to contact official support then these boards are probably the slowest, least reliable option.  Tobi as far as I'm aware appears to be brain dead at the best of times!

As for a solution, while remaining a VF customer, I don't think there is one!

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Hey @glennevis, We offer support 24/7 through our online chat and social media channels. If you still need help, or you have a problem at such a late hour again, just pop us a message we're always happy to help 😊

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10: Established

I wonder, noooo surely just a coincidence ...

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