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Broadband connection

How to request a DLM reset ?

2: Seeker

Hi all, 


I have been passed from pillar to post regarding my DLM capping on my line. I had a fault on the original router with a dodgy ethernet port that caused it to reboot. This reduced my line speed from 77.6mpbs to 66.9mbps. 

Since I determine that there was a fault on a port and utlised a spare port , the router has been rock solid but I have no been able to get the speed back up to what it was. 


I called Voda and was suggested to run , , choose new wifi channels, split the wifi channels. 

One chap even gave me a phone number and reference to work with and I am still in the same boat - no one has a clue about me getting a reset. 


The fundamental problem is the operators who I am calling do not understand that there is life beyond their routers and its not wifi/wired related. 


Anyone have any words/phrases or departments I could call to get this action, actioned?







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Hey @GiraffeIT, you can speak to our Social Media on Facebook or Twitter. They will be able to look into this with you. 

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