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Broadband connection

My Broadband Is Useless & Vodafone Do NOT Care, Again.

3: Seeker

I have absolutely had enough of the utterly pathetic support from Vodafone recently and in the past.


My broadband has been constantly disconnecting for days now. I contacted online support who said there was a problem with the line and that it would be monitored for 72 hours. WHY? It's obvious there is yet again an issue that needs to be fixed. Or do magical broadband fairies go and fix it in that 72 hour timeframe?


Was told on Twitter by Vodafone to message them with the problem and they would get it sorted. No reply. Here is the message.


My wi-if is cutting out constantly. Have been barely able to use it for past couple of days. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. The original install was a mess according to the engineer who fixed it the first time. Same thing happened again last year or early this. I was without internet for a few days, wasn’t notified when it was working again and not even a whiff of an apology from Vodafone.
To get it resolved the first time I had to end up making an official complaint to get anyone to listen and I don’t want to go through all that again.
I spoke to an online agent yesterday who said there was a fault and they would monitor the line for 72 hours. If don’t see what use this is to me as I have no tv signal at my house and rely on the broadband for my TV. 
I’ve noticed it disconnect 12 times in less than 48 hrs and that’s only the times where I’ve noticed lights flashing on the router. It’s obviously happened numerous more times than this.
Hoping you can sort something because I’m ready to just go elsewhere. I’m lucky to get 3G in my house so I need a reliable broadband.
Time wasted as no one bothered to reply. More time wasted coming on this also fairly useless website while struggling to even achieve 3g tethered to my phone to post this.
This is a recurring issue and the last time it happened i just had to guess when it was fixed as there wasn't even am automated text or any other communication to inform me it was sorted.
I want to know when this is going to be fixed as i am losing money by not having a stable connection and i also want to know about how to cancel and go elsewhere. The lack of support from Vodafone is disgusting and always has been.
Am i going to have to make another official complaint in order to make someone listen?
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4: Newbie

I can really, really empathise with you. Your issue is something I've been putting up with since I moved to Vodafone from Virgin Media a year ago. Signed up to an 18 month contract, for Superfast2 and it's been just dire mostly since then. I've had to just suck it up due to the contract, and all the frequent drop outs (which seem to uncannily occur when you are doing online banking or placing an order for something...happened too many times), speed not as advertised and the lack of anyone wanting or able to really address the issue....and issue that quite a number seem to be suffering with, going by the posts on these forums.


Quite frankly I'm waiting it out, until my contract is up. I have been a Vodafone customer for mobile since they were a thing, that long, and to save some money on Virgin Media's overpricing took the plunge and moved over completely. Oh dear. Sadly, my Vodafone mobile experiences do not match my Vodafone landline and broadband experiences. Not anywhere near. I've never come across anyone on these forums who has had their drop out issues fixed permanently. Good luck to you.

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3: Seeker

Glad to know I'm not the only one suffering at the hands of this atrocious company.


Update today as after 3 DAYS i got a reply to my Twitter message. Was basically told that the issue lies with me and sent a stupid YouTube video and the usual bog standard 'this is not my problem' list of things to try sort it myself. Even sent a picture listing the times i had noticed it go down, 12 times in less than 48 hours, and pretty much told that i was a liar as the connection was only dropping once a day for 2 minutes which apparently is perfectly normal.


I am now taking this to an official complaint to Vodafone along with a submission to the Ombudsman. Too long Vodafone have been getting away with treating their customers like utter crap.


Not even a reply from anyone from the Vodafone team on this forum post which is absolutely pathetic. Says a lot when the only other reply is from someone else being treated like dirt by the company.

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11: Established

@Privateofcourse wrote:

I've never come across anyone on these forums who has had their drop out issues fixed permanently. Good luck to you.

This may be tempting fate, but mine has been cured 😀. It took three months and two Openreach call outs but is now good. It was despite Vodafone's "support" rather than because of it.🙄

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@Malcy86 I'm sorry to hear you've been having drop outs with your broadband, but as we saw you had contacted our social media team and they have ran a test to see the drop outs, there isn't a great deal we can do from this forum. Have you had a full line test done to see if there are any faults anywhere down the line? If not, our social media team will be happy to continue speaking with you if the problem isn't fixed. We are quite busy there, so it's not the case we don't want to message back, we are trying as fast as we can to reply to all customers. 

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