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Broadband connection

Poor speeds, poor services and disappointing support.

2: Seeker

Extremely disappointed at the customer service I’ve experienced and the poor action taken with my situation. First of all, I’ve been experiencing slow internet speeds for months (constantly falling below the guaranteed minimum listed in the contract) — when I brought this to Vodafone’s attention through the broadband app nothing to my knowledge has been done to rectify it. Now, my router has stopped working completely and provides no WiFi throughout my household despite several reboots, resets and rewiring. I spent almost three hours with two separate customer ‘support’ staff on live chats two days ago until I finally got told that an engineer has been booked to fix the issue. However, I’ve received no follow up information at all - no email, confirmation, text, call, or anything - from Vodafone so I don’t even know if I can leave the house or not or if the engineer was truly booked in the first place. Realistically, with everything - from our television to my kids’ school work and my own general work - and everyone else being reliant on the internet nowadays there is absolutely nothing to do. Given I was guaranteed ‘extremely fast and good internet’ I’m extremely disappointed as I was previously experiencing slow and poor internet and now I’ve got no connections at all. I now regret moving from TalkTalk.

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4: Newbie
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Hi @IwonaBaumgart 

Have our tech team been in touch about the broadband? If you need an update, you can contact our broadband team over Twitter or Facebook. You can find their contact details here 

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