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Wifi dropping on full fibre. SOLVED!!

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I've had vodafone full fibre 900 for 2 months (with the vodafone Thg3000 router). Wifi speeds generally around 150-250mbps but I have had constant issues with wifi drops - every few hours my laptop would loose connection for 1-2 minutes - very frustrating when on Zoom calls for work etc. After calling vodafone almost daily now for weeks and going through all the painful diagnostic calls and various "updates", "settings", resets etc and a free booster which didn't work, I decided to buy a secondhand TP Link Ax55 router and simply plug it in and use it as an access point (instead of having to get the PPPoe settings etc to fully replace the original router).   

I've now got perfect wifi everywhere in my house and it's running at double, and depending on where I am, almost triple the speed I was getting before. 

So in summary, I think the thg3000 router is just a cheap unit with poor wifi. I don't understand why vodafone supply this router with their 900 fibre package as its clearly not good enough.

I've now got full coverage, speeds of 300-650mbps depending on where I am in the house - so to anyone with wifi speed and drop out issues, don't waste your time talking to vodafone and just get yourself a decent router or access point!


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Not all THG3000's are born equal. We have a lot of members here who are quite happy with the performance of their vodafone router.

Sounds like you got a lemon. 

That might be the case. But shouldn't the vodafone tech team be able to identify that?

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Now I know you're joking. They're in Egypt and only know enough English to read from a computer screen.

The members here collectively know much much more than them. 

4: Newbie

The THG 3000 routers are just poor  when using wifi   10 metres away the lose 50% of the speed 

I have 2  on difrent locations  i have added access points on both   the wifi is perfect now 

come on vodafone you need to improve  the router  just think how many people will stop  complaing