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Xbox Gaming - How is it??

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Hey everyone.  I’m a new VF broadband customer awaiting installation on the 7th of a new FTTP connection.  Someone has said elsewhere on these forums that gaming on VF is lousy because of the high ping rate.  Aside from the problems I’ve seen with the router causing the console not to connect and I understand that’s in hand, how is gaming on the console? I’ll be using my own TP-Link vr2800.  The entire village where I live has been upgraded to full fibre to the premises over the course of the last few months by a literal army of openreach and third party contractors as all we had before was standard  so all cabling is new, cabinets etc too all spanking new.  TIA


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Don't believe everything you read most people don't even understand how the internet works or how an ISP work.

When you go live with Vodafone the company that handles your internet depends on where you live.

BT Openreach.

city fibre

cable and wireless network (Vodafone brought this network some years ago )

Kingston Communications (don't know if Vodafone has a contract with them or not )

FullFibre ( no contract with Vodafone as of yet )( i would not be surprised if Vodafone don't buy them ) 

I'm sure there are probably a few more 

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Pings are really high on FTTP city fibre. Most games are unplayable due to pings approaching 100ms.


The argument is that VF support consider pings under 100ms as acceptable. read the high ping threads for more info













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I'm on vodafone with 3 xbox's connected at the same time and don't have any issues and the ping is really good . But I'm on fttc openreach connection at 650m away from the cabinet running 69Mb download and 17Mb upload . 

Can't say I have realy seen a issue on city fibre to say how many millions of people are on it now tbh .don't get me wrong there will always be a few people that will have issue's for 200 different reasons 

Well, here we are.  I'm now a vodafone bb member, all activated and done.  Gaming on Xbox is perfectly fine.  I'm seeing 9 meg more in speed tests than my package is allowing, and the ping is no where near 100!  more like 31! which is only 2 more than with Sky so i'm very happy.

Welcome aboard @TechnicalMarvel.

Pings of 31 seem very high, what is your gateway IP? mate

That is 

ldscd2-bng-c1 Leeds

So not Edinburgh. @purrbox will be disappointed.

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16: Advanced member

Yep. Welcome to West Yorkshire @TechnicalMarvel 

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so glad it worked out for you. I thought the ping would have been a little bit better but like you say it's ok