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Internet speed

Available Plans worse than previously offered

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My home broadband contract with BT recently expired. I was hoping to move to Vodafone as about 2 months ago Vodafone's website showed me that plans were available for my address up to 900Mbps, however when I went to sign up a month later, the plans offered only went up to 100Mbps. This is unfortunately still the case.


In these few months I have seen changes made to the broadband website design so can't help wondering if a bug has been introduced. Openreach's website states that our address can handle speeds up to 1Gbps, and other ISPs are still offering me speeds of 900Mbps, so the issue is clearly with Vodafone alone.


How long should I wait to see if the speeds Vodafone offer go back up to 900Mbps, or is that unlikely to happen? I have already waited a few weeks at least. Or should I cut my losses and go with a competitor still offering 900Mpbs?



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I appreciate you taking the time to provide us with this information @wjamesw. Unfortunately we're not able to provide a timeframe for a specific area. Based on my understanding, this information will be made available on the website once all the necessary steps have been taken between us and any third parties that may be involved in providing the service.
You may consider reaching out to our dedicated Fibre team on 08080 034 515, they may be able to provide some clarity around this for you. 


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