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Hi, I've had FTTP installed and using a Fritzbox 7530. Changed it to use modem and it's connected, the DL speeds are a 6th of what they should be. I am getting 83MB down and 57 up, package is 500 DL and 68 UL. Will it improve or is there a fault?

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Just to bore you guys a bit further.😀

Whilst doing my research who to move to, I upgraded to 900MB in the desperation that it might make a difference and nada, exactly same speeds as on the 500MB package, had to ring up to confirm.

Waiting for my phone line to move to A&A, than am out of here, got 14 days to do it in.

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Literally seconds apart and huge difference, You fibre normally never higher than 15, 💯% something hi



nky with the connection 

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16: Advanced member

@Madhatter  Are both tests going to the same server?

It was 2 different servers, I've tested on YouTube before and that came out at 430.

The upload has always tested fine, we stream but never when testing so no idea for me or VF why DL is erratic 

Had OR engineer turn up today.

He did a test before hand cam up with "Ethernet TCC parameters exceeded".

Removed the RJ45 from the ONT and tested again exact same fault came up. He had not encountered this before.

2nd line OR found some errors (based in India) transferred him to UK 2nd line, no errors but rebuilt line. Retested and no fault.

He stood literally a meter from the router, ran speed test on came out at 100mb, tried another site and came out at 440.

Did all he could and now wait and see. 

Personally think issue is VF equipment in exchange or their routing etc as can connect to the exact same speed test server and get wildly different results with nothing connected WiFi or RJ45 other than test laptop.

Long post but has anyone ever come across Ethernet TCC parameters exceeded".?

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Sadly VF could not fix the speed issue or find any fault. Several router reboots in the same day and now speed test servers being offered in Manchester, all sub 8MB now. 

They've offered to let me leave penalty free and looking for new ISP, FTTC was so stable with VF, dont know what went on here.

Thinking SKY but not sure ATM,

Thank you all for your help.

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16: Advanced member

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Whoever you go to will still be using the same Openreach infrastructure (unless you have Virgin or an Altnet available), so it will be interesting to see how you get on. Do let us know.

Just moved over to SKY on the 500MB package and behaviour is mostly the same as it was on VF :Sad_face:

The only difference is unlike VF, some of the servers do give reason speeds 350ish a couple of seconds after testing at 5MB, with VF it was constantly poor unless the speed test server was a VF one.

The other difference unlike VF, the high speed is not maintained, it starts at 380 but then starts to drop and ends up circu 200😐

I am pretty certain its nothing to do with my setup as when on VF, tested connected to router with no wifi enabled and only 1 LAN connection to test PC.

My neighbour had FTTP installed and got chatting to the OR engineer and explained erratic speed issues and he said he had heard this elsewhere and would escalate. Wether it was pleasantry or will do only time will tell.

Any one know if -15 is good light level, some say bad and others its very good?


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16: Advanced member

@Madhatter A long technical read in American English about the light levels in fibre,

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16: Advanced member


Sorry to hear the change of ISP didn't improve things, but it did sound like an Openreach problem.

Are you now testing with the Sky router or are you still trying to use the Fritzbox?