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It seems my Landline is having a problem with Openreach system

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I've been having a lot of problems with my Landline not working properly intermittently OK then trying to call & the system returning the unknown number tones but sometimes getting through. Nobody can ring me.  Vodafone 2nd Line people trying to fix it. I tried the BT line testing number myself & caller read back number wasn't even remotely similar to mine! I'm in Mumbles with a Swansea 01792 area code, the read back number was Salisbury 01722 328291! I think Openreach needs to sort out its system routing to my line. I'm on fibre & the phone is through my Vodafone Hub/router. My Broadband is fine no problems.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@tujags - we can check what’s happening with the fault ticket that was raised and look at the routing issue that you’ve mentioned with your landline.

I can see you’ve contacted us previously through Social Media. Please reach out to us again there and we’ll be in touch.

Thanks Jemma,

Yes I seem to have had a mix of bad luck (neighbour's tree falling on our new fibre cable) & equipment failures New in house connection box  Now this! It seems that the analogue to digital or reverse is corrupting somewhere in the Openreach network. It really would be nice to have a stable connection. Part of the reason we changed from copper to fibre was similar problems, it seems to have migrated to the new line!!! Let us hope they can fix it soon.

I still have the problem my phone in Mumbles South Wales is still BT line testing & giving a caller read back of 01722 328291 which is Salisbury in England!  Despite repeated calls at great length to Vodafone 2nd line department I still have no resolution! Half the time is spent going through the same old steps despite being told the phone number given is a direct connection to 2nd Line OMG!  Despite the home (BT) phone working fine through my Router until a few days ago The Vodafone people seem confused thinking they had given me a temporary number on a 'new' fibre connection, its no longer new it has worked OK since early July. I think I finally made the agent understand the actual problem. She realised they had my original number. Hard to fully explain but I still don't have my number restored & I still have the wrong Salisbury number. Confirmed by BT line test! I'm slowly losing the will to live! WHY CAN'T THEY FIX IT? Is Vodafone always this useless?


It is now Saturday we are still in Salisbury according to BT line testing our phone! come on Vodafone get it sorted this is getting very silly!

Hey @tujags Please contact the Social Media team here so we can get this looked into. Alternatively, please call the dedicated Broadband team on 03333 040 191.

The second line Tech team are working on this problem (I assume but no change from my point of view) for days now we have endured this problem! I can't understand how it happened & why they can't fix it!  This is totally ridiculous This is one of the best communication companies in UK - well it used to be. It is difficult to talk to the Team they seem to have trouble accessing the history of this ongoing problem & each time I have to go through the ritual of proving my identity, a minor irritation but an irritation never the less. The problem is compounded by the tech agents of the Second Line working from home & taking time to bring themselves 'up to speed' each time. It is a pity that one agent can't be allocated to the problem & follow it through. What is happening - Nothing? Surely they should be able to correct the fault, why did it happen? I have to communicate through my mobile phone in an area where phone signal strength is marginal, hard work especially as some agents have quite strong accents making it just that bit more difficult. I chose Vodafone because of my assumed expectation of their ability in communications, I must be one of their oldest/longest customers having had Vodafone as my mobile phone provider since the days of Peoples Phone back in the analogue days, late 80s or early 90s. I seems I made the wrong choice!

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Unfortunately @tujags ,the Vodafone you knew from the mobile days is very different to to the Vodafone  that runs the broadband. They are the most disorganised and incompetent outfit I have ever encountered. Still they are cheap.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@tujags - thanks for posting the update again. I was hoping that you'd be further forward from when I last messaged you here. I've searched our Social Media channel with the name that's on your profile and I haven't found a recent message from you. 

If you'd like my team to check what's happening, then please come and talk to us through Social Media. You could include a link to your posts here. 

Social media link bought me back here

Vodafone Second Line help has still not resolved my crossed line problem I still have a Salisbury (01722) home phone number instead of my original Mumbles (01792) number. I seem to be in a Groundhog day situation going through the same Pantomime with a new agent each time I contact them. They seem to be alone working from home in EGYPT! The last one assured me that I no longer have to contact them as they can fix the problem now - they have not! The last contact got me to get 3 callers to ring my 01792 number to do tests they also rang the Salisbury number(01722) got through to Salisbury but could hear another ringing sound in the background. presumably contacting me.

It seems that a once famous communications Company that I have known most of my life as a Radio Ham, also I have been a Mobile phone customer since the analogue days of Peoples Phone (Vodafone) now cannot fix a simple(?) crossed line problem in their fibre network! This has gone on for weeks now with no resolution!  Could do better comes to mind!