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Landline phone with own router on FTTP

4: Newbie

Just got FTTP and everything is working fine off the VF router. Phone lines are plugged into the VF router, VF router's WiFi is switched off. 3rd party Mesh has been switched to Bridge mode and plugged into the VF's ethernet port.

However I am shocked at how feature poor the VF router is. e.g. There are no Parental controls at all. I know I can get rid of the VF router and plug my own Mesh router into the Openreach ONT, but what about the Landline. 

Are there any 3rd party routers in the market that have a telephone socket at the back to allow the home phone to be plugged in? 

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16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Overly complex or not, don't fix what isn't broken. I had to keep ports open on my asus router or I'd break it. I wasted many days on this. 

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3: Seeker

I'm trying to set up a Grandstream WP810 following the recommendations here. Thanks to @Ripshod@Bigfluctuation and others who've done the hard work.

One small ask, could you post the WP810/WP822 config again. The google drive link appears to have expired. Ideally, could you post sanitised exports of the xml config from the phones into the github repo?

I've got so far with the surrounding info via Github page but my SIP registration requests are either blackholed or get a 500 response. I'd like to check double check the phone config before hassling VF about incorrect SIP details. Reasonably confident in my router setup (Netgear Orbi pro), at least with port forwarding until I get to a working state and can lock it down better.

Hey, sorry about that. I noticed they were gone and asked Ripshod for permission to mirror them on github some time ago, but got distracted by other projects. I've just uploaded them into the Github repo. I'll get them better integrated later but they're there for you to use. I hope this helps.

Perfect, now up and running, thanks.
I had to change a good few options and reboot so can't point to which default options needed changing, perhaps proxy mode and custom headers.
Now to fiddle with the nat setup and install my UPS.

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2: Seeker

Hi All,

I am helping someone to configure their TP link Archer VR1210v router and it is not connecting.
See attached below a screenshot. I really don't know what I am doing wrong. 
They have Single Play SOGEA on the premise and is working fine.

I highly appreciate if anyone can help!

Screenshot 2024-04-30 115309.png

Looks like the mods are removing your images, probably because they contain sensitive data. Try again with the image but airbrush out any public IP or other sensitive info. 

Thanks, this finger crossed this time it shows!

Screenshot router.png

Your picture still isn't showing, but I assume you have their PPPoE credentials?

This thread is really about getting 3rd party VoIP solutions working, so maybe not the best place to ask.

Ive crossed out most stuff now so it should upload!

This is a 3rd party router as it is not a vodafone supplied router. When reading through the threads, people had similar issues of configuring a 3rd party router with the vodafone credentials to have the voIP working?? or am I wrong? 

Screenshot router.png

Sorry, it wasn't obvious you have the router working, and you are just trying to configure the VoIP.

It will, unfortunately, be impossible on the router. The settings simply don't (apparently) expose all the necessary options.

Only a small subset of ATA devices have been successfully used with the Vodafone VoIP service. They are mostly Grandstream devices.