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Mobile Broadband

5G Gigacube LAN 2/WAN port issues

2: Seeker

I bought a 5G Gigacube with an unlimited data connection.  I have a BT WholeHome connected to the LAN 1 port and that seems to work great most of the time. 


The issue arises when I connect my home CCTV Arlo system to the LAN 2 port in the Gigacube.  It all works great for a few weeks and then suddenly many sites refuse to open saying that the DNS server is not responding.  I then have to reset the Gigacube but the moment I plug the Arlo system into LAN 2, internet stops working again.  It is then a trial and error and eventually internet and the CCTV system are all connected again. 


I hate that this is not seamless as it is supposed to be and I end up wasting a few hours every few weeks to sort this out.  Please can someone help me out so that I can seamlessly have my BT Whole Home connected to LAN 1 and Arlo CCTV system connected to LAN 2 port and all of them work together seamlessly as they do after a few hours of cursing?


Never had this issue with my broadband line that I gave up for better speeds from 5G

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Hey there @ps27 - I'm sure we can help with this! What we'd recommend firstly is to go through our Gigacube initial checks and let us know how you get on 🤞

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