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Gigacube 5G is very slow in the evening (cant even play 360p in youtube)

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I am using Gigacube for 5 months, it was fine until Dec 2022. Internet speed slowed down in every evening from 6pm - 11pm (youtube status showing ~200 - 500Kbps). I cant even play the video with 360p smoothly. However, when I do the speed test with Ookla, it showing the network speed is fine (~40 Mbps).

Is there any speed control on video streaming platform and how can I check for that? Thanks.


@monkeychew I am at southen part of London, yes seems a bit better today, but not 100% sure if will be fine.

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@CHJaY_2022 As discussed in the home broadband forum. I’ve been having the exact same issue with YouTube in the evenings, it worked fine before December (although it maybe have not been great a month or two before). I’m using Gigacube on 5G with unlimited data, I regularly get 100mb on speed tests even in the evenings. Everything else works fine except YouTube. I live in the midlands near Walsall.

Yes exactly the same situation, everyhting is fine before Dec 2022. Not sure what has changed from Vodafone side...

Community Manager
Community Manager

We can certainly look into this for you @CHJaY_2022 and @monkeychew. Please reach out to us via our social channels and one of our dedicated team will be able to check your local networks and accounts to make sure these issues aren't being caused by anything at our end.

Hi @Mark , I’ve already done this (my twitter handle is same as this forum). I was told by vodafoneuk to check my postcode on the network status page. Unfortunately this isn’t very helpful as it’s a youtube specific issue and my network is fine.


I’ve been in touch with support multiple times and I end up going round in circles.

I contacted the support team multiple time and they remotely reboot my gigacube device, it didn't resolve the problem.. again I cant watch youtube every night since Dec. My mobiles (one using VOXI and one using Vodafone) can play all the video smoothly with 4G/5G network. I am very disappointed with such an expensive gigacube plan but poor network...


Is Vodafone doing any traffic control on youtube for gigacube user?

Below a screen capture of youtube 'Stats for nerds', please help..

as of 9th Jan nightas of 9th Jan night

I think the problem is coming from SIM card or there is certain traffic control on my account.

I tested with my another Vodafone simcard (the one i used for mobile) in the same Gigacube device, the speed is good and problem on youtube is gone. So it doesn't look like network issue...



@monkeychew  Not sure if that's the case for you as well

@CHJaY_2022 It has been suggested by support that I get a new SIM card from a Vodafone store but I haven’t been able to do so yet.


I think it’s a sticking plaster though. I think we’ll be back to this problem again some time after as they’ll just cap our bandwidth again once we’ve reached a certain limit. I’d like someone to prove me wrong.


Seriously thinking about cancelling my service if I can, been with Vodafone for 25 years absolutely appalling customer service, worst I’ve ever experienced.


It took me two weeks to order my Apple Watch. I don’t know why I didn’t cancel after that.

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Community Manager

Please pop a reply back to our latest message @monkeychew, so that we can continue the conversation. Thanks.