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Gigacube 5G is very slow in the evening (cant even play 360p in youtube)

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I am using Gigacube for 5 months, it was fine until Dec 2022. Internet speed slowed down in every evening from 6pm - 11pm (youtube status showing ~200 - 500Kbps). I cant even play the video with 360p smoothly. However, when I do the speed test with Ookla, it showing the network speed is fine (~40 Mbps).

Is there any speed control on video streaming platform and how can I check for that? Thanks.


@monkeychew I am at southen part of London, yes seems a bit better today, but not 100% sure if will be fine.

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@Gemma I just directly indox Vodafone UK twitter and it looks like some direct reply and ask me go for support hub. what should I do

@CHJaY_2022 Now after days of wasting my time support are trying to say that they won’t be able to resolve the issue, which as far as I am concerned is in their own network!


@monkeychew hows your network speed now? I tried to use 4G for whole day but it looks the same.

Speedtest by Ookla showing 10 Mb now....

@Jason I have share my situation and screen capture of network speed test in twitter messages, after one day convesation with Vodafone, it feels like they not willing to escalte my case to network engineer...

@CHJaY_2022  this is the last message I’ve had about it but it’s not particularly reassuring. (By the way YouTube unusable again tonight)


“I'll see if I can get this issue escalated as we know how popular Youtube is and we want to make sure the service customers receive whilst using it is the best it can be. Hopefully you'll see some improvement sooner rather than later. “

@CHJaY_2022  Hi I’ve been making a little more progress now with the complaints department at Vodafone. They will be investigating the issue and we’ll see how that goes.


Do you mind asking if you could be a little more specific about where you are in the UK. They were trying to figure out if it was a location specific issue or not. I’m going to try a test the issue elsewhere on my phone at some point.

YouTube seems better today but too early to say

@monkeychew I am at southen part of London, yes seems a bit better today, but not 100% sure if will be fine.

Thank you for keeping us posted @CHJaY_2022. I've checked our social media platform and I can see that your DM successfully reached our Social Media team and a conversation is in progress. 

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2: Seeker

I have the exact same issue with mine, W9 area. 


Connecting to a VPN removes the restriction so its definitely a Vodafone network/account restriction....



Yes I think its definitely Vodafone issue but they claim its is normal ...very disappointed and never again with vodafone.