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Gigacube 5G is very slow in the evening (cant even play 360p in youtube)

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I am using Gigacube for 5 months, it was fine until Dec 2022. Internet speed slowed down in every evening from 6pm - 11pm (youtube status showing ~200 - 500Kbps). I cant even play the video with 360p smoothly. However, when I do the speed test with Ookla, it showing the network speed is fine (~40 Mbps).

Is there any speed control on video streaming platform and how can I check for that? Thanks.


@monkeychew I am at southen part of London, yes seems a bit better today, but not 100% sure if will be fine.

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@Gemma  which Social media you refer to?

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Community Manager

If you already have an open conversation with us, you can continue to discuss your issues with us there. If not please follow the links in our contact us post.

I get the same issue, we have a very strong signal under 80dbm and a usual downland speed of around 300mbps yet between 6pm and 11pm YouTube, Netflix, sky and Facebook all throttle back to unusable speeds.


I thought  it was congestion but other services run fine. Luckily we have a backup BT line and even though it has 10x less bandwidth it performs flawlessly during these hours.


I’ll try VPN as I know Vodafone are notorious for throttling but claiming they dont.



Have been having exactly the same issue in Manchester city centre over the same time period, have tried all of the advice provided and will be looking to leave Vodafone as soon as possible. Very disappointing after nearly 3 years of using the service.

An update, although I’m still getting issues with YouTube in the evenings occasionally this is what I’ve done to try and fix things

  • Switched to powerline Ethernet where possible
  • Moved my 5G router to a better spot in the house (for mobile reception)
  • Used AM radio to pinpoint the best orientation of the router (antenna appears to be on one side) for mobile reception