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Mobile Broadband

Gigacube Help

1: Seeker



We're having constant issues with our Gigacube - it works fine for a while then it starts to go very slow - pages won't load etc. I have to reset it and then login to it all again. Im not sure if this is made worse by my husbands office phone which has to connect through the lan port. Anyone else facing this?


Other issue we have is I got a TP-link mesh extender to try and work with it, similar issues, works great but then it starts to drop out and I have to reset everything again.


I'm a bit sick of the whole set up to be honest, but we had wired home broadband and it was awful slow before this and we have good 4g signal in the house with our phones. 


I want to know, can I use an alternative to the Gigacube i.e. can I get an unlocked sim router and use that with the sim that is currently in my Gigacube? Does anyone recommend a mesh extender that they have used routinely with the Gigacube? If I'm stuck with the Gigacube, why does it keep losing signal and what can I do about it and is it to do with the phone line in the lan port?

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