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TCL HH500V Antenna Socket Problem

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I purchased a 5g Gigacube (business plan) recently and I'm trying to plug in an antenna cable to the ts-9 socket.  The cable is definitely correct but won't plug into either of the TS-9 sockets on the router.  Upon closer inspection it appears as if there is a piece of metal inside each socket (put there to block the insertion of a TS-9 cable?). What ever the reason, is is definitely not just debris which accidentally fell into the socket.  It is the same piece of metal in each socket, and it is fixed in place.  Does anyone know what this is (and how to fix it?) It is impossible to use my antenna right now.  Picture attached.router.jpg


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I had the same problem with the Vodafone 5g mobile hotspot. I finally found a UK supplier on eBay which supplied ts9 adapters that work with Vodafone devices. The previous 3 different types bought on Amazon were all Chinese made and did not fit. There is also an indoor x pattern antenna which does help with 5g more because you can put it where you need (sucker that sticks to window) rather than the actual antenna. Just got it today so will see when I have tried it in car. (Vodafone still has 4g/5g black spots on a number of places on UK motorway network in the South East.) As you want to use an external antenna then the adapters could work well for you. I suspect one should not advertise to promote sales on this community so go to the Unitecom website as they do not sell direct to consumers from there. Hope ti works for you. 

Thanks for your reply.  

Update:  Even though my router says TS9 on the antenna connection socket, it actually requires a CRC9 type cable.  I don't understand how they could make such a glaring mistake, but I did manage to connect my antenna in the end.


The reception started out pretty good after I got the Gigacube and hooked up the antenna.  For context I am on the 9th floor of a block of flats in central London.  On one side of the flat there is a slightly taller block (across the street), on the other side there is no tall buildings and we have a clear view for miles. This is where I have the antenna positioned.


Recently however, the reception has got very bad and drops out regularly.  I spoke to customer service and they said there was some work being carried out in my area, which was affecting signal, but that was a couple of months ago and it hasn't got better. I have some work coming up for which I will need good speed internet, so i'm not sure what to do.  I might try and buy a more powerful indoor antenna for the Gigacube, or I might have to switch to a different 5g wireless router.  Getting fibre installed  is not presently an option due to building regulations.


Sorry I think I have rambled on a bit long!  I will check out the antennas on the page you mentioned.  Thanks for your help.

I've had a similar experience with the Gigacube 5G HH500V and it looked like the issue was due to over-heating from the WiFi provided by the router. Once I completely disabled the wifi (both 2.4 and 5Ghz) and rebooted, the router became much more reliable. I use a separate router for Wifi and it's all working fine for me now.

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Did you actually manage to get online with your external antenna and TLC HH500V Gigacube router?
I am positive that my TS-9 connections are good but the router appears not to switch to external antenna.
I assume that the switching process is automatic as I can't find any other means to do it?