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Mobile Broadband

Gigacube - replacement for home router?

2: Seeker

Hi All,


It seems like I may be forced shortly to switch to a 4G mobile broadband for my home broadband, due to the local microwave based internet being shut down. I am not too worried about speeds, they should be ok in my area from what I've heard.


Ideally I would like to simply buy a 4G modem and plug it into my existing router - since I have things like my heating, lighting, weather station and a NAS drive connected to it as well as computer, ipad etc etc.  I have seen some posts about using a gigacube in "bridge" mode, but it's not completely clear to me if that still works!


Alternatively, does anyone have experience of using the gigacube in this way as a proper replacement for home wifi network, with things like heating and lighting? 


Thanks for any info!



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Hey @Brutha, it's great to hear you're thinking about taking out a Gigacube. It does have a port so in theory it could be bridged; if you're running through switches etc, you may need to change the Ethernet settings to 'only LAN' for stability.

The Gigacube isn't set up for this type of connection though, so we can't guarantee it will work; I think that's why there's a little confusion around it. There's a similar thread here, that you could take a quick look at. 

Keep your eyes out, as another member of the Community might be using the Gigacube as a replacement for broadband and get back to you soon. 

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2: Seeker

I use a Gigacube for my Internet access. I have connected 2 computers, laptops, phones, tablets, Amazon Fire TV +Netflix, Philips Hue Hub, also a Google Hello doorbell camera. Also Nest heating & smoke alarms. I need a good Wifi signal, so I also have the Gigacube Wifi turned off & a Unifi connected along with a Unifi USG hardware firewall. This all connects via a small 8 port HP switch.


The Vodafone connection is not up 100% & speeds can vary wildly (2mbps to 60mps). They are usually near the top end though. I appreciate the fast upload of 40mbps. Netflix can occasionally cut out even though it's wired in. I occasionally need to reboot the Gigacube.


Upgrading the unit is near impossible with the worst sales & customer services in the world. I bought my unit for a higher price on a 30 day contract . I then cancelled after 3 months & bought an unlimited 5G mobile phone SIM & now use that at a significant cost saving.


Bear in mind that Vodafone phone or chat support are happy to lie. Both will cut you off if your question is too difficult. The shops are a better source of support.


Vodafone have recently started treating clients like children & now block many websites that they do not approve of. As per usual, Vodafone customer care is worse than useless & although they claim that this can be turned off & customers can opt-out, this does not happen - or it may happen for 1 day, then auto opt-in again. Therefore if you don't like the idea of Vodafone watching everything you do, & blocking porn & sites such as Hepatitis C support groups, something like NordVPN should be priced-in.

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2: Seeker

I can confirm that Gigacube is intended as a replacement for traditional internet.

Gigacube 4G can in fact hit up to 300mbps! 


I am not sure about bridge mode, but I'm sure (in theory) it would work.


For more ethernet ports, buy a cheap ethernet (unmanaged) switch.


It would be perfect. Just check your postcode, at to see what signal Vodafone gets in your area.


Hope this helps. 

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