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Gigacube - slow speed and constant internet drop out while still connected to WiFi network

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Gigacube on unlimited data package. 5G signal strength 75 score tested on router.


14 days old, firmware all up to date. Internet constantly drops out from fast speeds to web pages failing to load at all, only way to correct is turning Wifi off and on again. Router must be faulty, as this happens on all WiFi connected devices. 


Cannot use with this. What settings or issues can be causing this? Have also setup using smart home app, hidden 2.4Ghz network and only connected to 5Ghz with giving me speed of 260mbps with current router placing and signal. Why the drop out from fast internet to not loading a page but devices all still remaining connected to network and the WiFi signal itself not dropping out?? Does not make sense to me.



Community Manager
Community Manager

It sounds like there's some interference with your WiFi signal @salthustle Does this only happen to device connect to WiFi, or does this affect any devices via an Ethernet cable?

It is also the same if plugged into Ethernet. Only way to get pages to load again is connection on and off. 

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

What colour is your signal light at the moment @salthustle? Do things improve for you when connecting to fewer devices?

Both green even if just one device actively connected.

How long has this been happening for @salthustle? If you send our Social Media team a message over Twitter or Facebook, they can take a look at this in more detail. You can find how to contact them here.

sorry to bump an old thread but was there a solution to this? I'm having the same issue - one minute superb speeds and the next a huge dropout and websites not loading/programs not working (i.e. Slack) for a few minutes. 


Router is up to date etc. Is this likely to be a hardware fault?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I've replied to your other post about this @hollow88. To avoid any confusion, please reply to me there and we'll be happy to help.

I have had EXACTLY the same problem . And I've now got a solution that worked for me. My speeds were c5/6 mbs at best but that's now changed to literally ten times better. 


This is the text that Vodafone sent over to me.


Dear Peter ,

1-Make sure to connect with the Wi-Fi of the 5G Giga cube with a tablet or laptop

2-Open any browser like : Google chrome - Safari

3-Write down in the search bar :
(which is the IP address for the giga cube)

4-It will take you to a Control page and it will ask you to login using the username/password which you can find on the bottom of the giga cube ( Not the Wi-Fi Password )

5-once you log in it will setup some configurations like updating in idle time ,

6 ? You will find the Wi-Fi name and Password , you don?t have to change that

7- Then it will ask you for changing the Login password for more security ( the one you?ve just entered )

8-once you are done with the previous steps, you should have a page with a diagram , just press on Network Settings ( in the blue bar )

9- then click on Internet connection , then APN list ( Access Point Name List )

10 ? then enter the configurations below and save

Profile name : Internet
set it as a default ( tick it if possible )
Username : web
Password : web
Authentication : Auto
IP Type : IPV4 ( Only )
APN : Internet
Set DNS Server manually ( tick it )
DNS Primary server :
DNS Secondary server :

Thank You for calling Vodafone ,